A meeting of great minds, great discoveries and great learning. This year’s Science Festival was bursting with exciting exhibits and wonderful research, from James Candy’s Discovering Densities to Martha Sharp’s Magnetic Slime; many different areas of science were represented.

Focusing on Biology were Emily Cox and Lara Hill who had visitors putting the muscle back in the man and Corrina and Emma who created an ‘Operation’ style game, where visitors could replace the vital organs.

Other pupils chose to focus on physics, one group demonstrated how to create a tornado in a bottle, whilst Takuya, Sam and Alfie explained the differences between meteors, meteorites and asteroids.

Others used chemistry as part of their experiments, Harry, Aditya and Finlay erupted a volcano with a reaction between an acid and a carbonate, while Connie and Amelia used the CO2from bicarbonate of soda to blow up their balloons.

This year’s winning exhibit was James Candy’s Density project. The Judge, Michelle Franklin, thought James was really able to explain the process well. His project had been arranged so that pupils could use a Eureka can to determine the volume of an object, use a balance to measure its mass and then use a calculator to guide pupils through the calculation of its density. They were then able to compare their figure to known values, which James had presented in a table.

Sophie Bowcher said, “I absolutely love the Science Exhibition, having a go at all the different experiments is so much fun, especially the really messy ones. I learnt that Tango rots your teeth the quickest, Mountain Dew has the most calories, there are differences between plant and animal cells (animal cells don’t have any chloroplasts as they don’t need to photosynthesise) and finally how to make my own tornado – which I can’t wait to try at home!”

Head of Science, Daniel Fraine said, “The children are given complete freedom with their choice of topic and mode of presentation, this helps to illustrate the breadth of science and nature of scientific study, they have all done extremely well to cover so many topics in such imaginative ways and so much detail.”