Recently the Scholars journeyed to Oxford University and Blenheim Palace to explore the beautiful grounds and gain an insight into where some of the country’s greatest minds go to study. Scholar, Jamie Treatman Clark, reviewed the visit.

The journey was an hour and a half but with a little music, provided by Ben Quayle, time passed quickly and we soon arrived at Blenheim Palace. On arrival, everyone was impressed by the building’s magnificence. It contained two foyers, two drawing rooms, guest rooms, private quarters, a library and so much more. I think everyone would love to be invited for Christmas Dinner!

Later, we drove to Oxford to have a tour of the many colleges. We took a guided tour of St Peter’s College and saw the different classrooms, a dorm and the JCR, (an area for relaxation), as well St Peter’s church. Apart from the fact that some of us nearly got lost, the tour was great. Unfortunately, the Bodlien Library was closed as the students were studying for finals.

The day ended with a visit to Pizza Express, where everyone enjoyed a lovely meal, followed by a
delicious ice cream. Thank you Mrs. Laurence and Mr. Macdonald for organizing this event.