This year Pre-Prepperformed a beautiful version of the ‘Smallest Angel’ for their
SchoolNativity play.All 128 children, some as young as two years of age, took part in this
colourful story about the angels trying to find the best place for the baby Jesus to be born.

The story opened with all the children singing enthusiastically ‘All around the World’ with the
Year Twos performing a dance. The audience were then transported to ‘Heaven’ where
Gabriel told them God’s special job – to go and look for the perfect place for the birth of
baby Jesus. The angels were all sent off to search – except for the smallest angel who was
told she was too little to go! The angels found some lovely places and were welcomed by
children from around the world who performed lively songs and were dressed very
colourfully– a beach in Hawaii, a town in France, a sunny African village, a garden in China
and a lakeside village in North America. They flew eagerly back to report to Gabriel
thatthey had found the best place.

The smallest angel was very cross to have to stay in heaven and, unknown to everyone,she decided to go exploring on her own. In her search she found a lovely stable but was so tired
that she fell asleep and, on waking, rushed back to heaven. When she explained what had
happened, God was very pleased and said that although the other places were very beautiful
the stable was perfect! The angels were very surprised but after watching the Nativity scene
unfold before their eyes, realised that by Jesus being born in a poor stable, it would
bring hope to the whole world, including the sick and those that have nothing.

Dr Carolyn Shelley, explained, “This has been a very special Nativity as the children have not only found out about different countries of the world,they have also learnt animportant message, that Jesus was born to bring hope to everyone. I was so proud of all the children, especially our Year Twos who performed all the speaking parts – we even had some who sang solos!”