This year’s Wilson Challenge was an invitation to the pupils to reflect upon the ways in which the ancient world has been portrayed on screen. Hollywood is fascinated by the worlds of Greece and Rome and it was interesting to hear the thoughts of the participants on blockbusters like Ridley Scott’s Gladiator and even Walt Disney’s Hercules. All of the entrants had carried out an impressive amount of research and all made intelligent presentations. Highlights included Pollyanna Harris’ exploration of the reign of the emperor Nero as presented in Quo Vadis and Will Bunker’s investigation of the hit series Breaking Bad and the influence of Aristotle’s Poetics. Louis Morford drew interesting parallels between the politics of the Star Wars films and the collapse of the Roman Republic whilst Maddie Dunn travelled in her Tardis to Pompeii, examining its representation in Dr Who. Congratulations to all those who participated in the challenge – it was yet another reminder of the enduring legacy of the Classical world.

Junior Competition

1st prize Pollyanna Harris Quo Vadis

2nd prize Ethan Bareham Hercules

3rd prize Lydia Ward Ben Hur

Senior Competition

1st prize Will Bunker Breaking Bad

2nd prize = Louis Morford Star Wars

Maddie Dunn Dr Who: the Fires of Pompeii

3rd prize Aidan Nixon Clash of the Titans