This year pupils were asked to research the achievements of any figure from the classical past and to advance an argument as to why that person should be awarded the accolade of most influential classical personality. As usual there were both junior and senior competitions. The challenge certainly generated tremendous interest and presentations were made on figures as diverse as Thales of Miletus, Spartacus and the emperor Constantine the Great. Classics teacher Brian Wilson was assisted in the process of adjudication by Mr Garner, Mrs Milne and Mrs Feltham. The results were as follows:


1st Pat Bunker on Plato

2nd Eliot Tottman on Pythagoras

3rd = Dom McClaran on Leonidas and William Neubauer on Hippocrates of Cos


1st Ben George on Alexander the Great

2nd Stephen Whitford on Sophocles

3rd= Becky Daltry on Constantine the Great and Alice Helm on Boudica