Year Onerecently enjoyed an exciting visit to Thinktank, Birmingham Science Museum to find out more about some ofthe topics they are exploring in science such as forces, energy, recycling and wildlife.

Pupils had the opportunity to explore forces in the outdoor ‘Science Garden’ where everyone used levers and pulleys to move equipment, including a giant hamster wheel! There were lots of opportunities to experiment with water and to see how its energy can move objects.

The children also visited ‘The Street’ where they uncovered the astonishing science and technology underlying everyday lifesuchas howthe body works, how objects can be recycled and how food is prepared in a kitchen.

In the ‘Wildlife Area’pupils saw many fossils and old skeletons as well as learning a great dealabout
animals and where they liveall over the world. There were many other opportunities to explore
differentareas ofscience such as light, magnets, electricity and the senses. The trip was a fantastic
opportunity for thechildren to use theirscience learning in a practical way and find out more about the
world aroundthem.