Last week Kindergarten held an exciting ‘What I will be when I grow up’ day.  The children excitedly came into school and took part in some fantastic activities, designed to link with some of the ideas they were interested in – including a police officer, a doctor, an artist, a gardener, a builder, a chef and an astronaut!

The experience made me think about what lies ahead and the exciting possibilities for their jobs of the future – because, in fact, our children are very likely to be working on jobs that don’t even exist yet!  To that end, we believe that a vital part of our work at school is to give children a real foundation for the future – enabling them to learn skills that will be important in our ever-changing world.  For children growing up now, problem-solving and critical thinking will be key skills.  Technology, scientific knowledge and the world of work will demand that our children are equipped with the mindset and thought processes to be able to access new information, adapt to change and relish challenge!

Therefore this term, in addition to our planned problem-solving activities in the curriculum, we held an exciting Design and Technology Day. The day included some special visitors who arrived with amazing new technology for the children to test and apply their logic and thinking skills, such as VR goggles (where children could take a trip to different countries or blast into space) and programmable robots called ‘Spheros’ – some of the new technology of the future. Critical thinking skills were also put to the test when the children had to design and build class robots.  It was a wonderful day – which reminded us all that our children are resourceful, open-minded, love challenges and are able to work together to solve problems.  I am very proud to think of how they will contribute in the future and I look forward to hearing about all their new inventions, discoveries and steps forward!