This term, we have had the joy of hosting caterpillars in our Pre-Prep classrooms.  They started from tiny little wriggly caterpillars only 5mm in length, growing and changing rapidly to become large caterpillars in just a few short weeks and then of course becoming a chrysalis.  In the last few days we have witnessed the amazing transformation as the butterflies emerged for the first time and, as the butterflies were released there was a palpable sense of excitement and awe as the children watched their ‘babies’ fly off into the school grounds and the wider world!

In fact, at this time of year, this is very much how we feel about all our little Squirrels at school. From the beginning of the academic year, the children have grown quickly and made amazing progress and we feel a great sense of excitement and pride to see each child finish the year flying off ready for their next step in education.  This is particularly true of our Year Two pupils – who have grown and changed so much during their time at Pre-Prep.  We have been able to reflect together, remembering things they have enjoyed and discussing their ‘journey’  – thinking about what they are able to do now, compared to way back when they first started at Pre-Prep. We decided they are definitely ready to leave and start their next stage in their learning journey and although we feel a little bit sad, we are also very excited.  Yes – it really is time to fly!