Yesterday Dean Close Prep School took the opportunity to reflect on what is happening all over the world with the current Covid-19 pandemic, and how it is effecting everyones life. This reflection process was assisted by way of a while school project called ‘Today4Tomorrow‘.

All pupils were paired up with a ‘remote learning buddy’ from a different year group to work on our ‘Today 4 Tomorrow‘ project, where they were asked to  create a record based on their own experiences during this period of lockdown. 

Famous Historian Dan Snow even joined the project, giving Dean Close pupils tips on how to reflect and record this moment in history for the future.

Finally, each ‘buddy group’ created their own archive presentation of how they are feeling, what they are experiencing – they recorded the positive, as well as the negative, aspects of what is happening in the world is having on them. These presentations will be invaluable for future generations.

If you would like to get involved in your own family project of creating your own record of the times, why not watch this really useful video from Dan Snow, giving you tips on how to get started:

Here is some of the feedback that we have had from parents about the ‘Today 4 Tomorrow‘ project:

… XXX is working on his project with his partner today
We spent time preparing for it last night and this morning.
I’d like to say thank you for setting this up, I understand the efforts you and the team has put into this.
Feedback is a gift and we should shout as much about the positives not just the negatives…
…I just wanted to drop you  a note to say how great this morning was. Both of children were enthused, engaged and have loved it. I heard nothing (apart from when they had a short morning break) from them for about 4 hours…i a total miracle!
Please pass on our thanks for a great activity. Working with someone in another year group was brilliant as was the whole topic, making them stop and think about this time we’re in. Inspired and a wonderful break from the norm…
…Can I just say how VERY Impressed I am with today’s major project? What a fantastic idea! Both my boys have really enjoyed doing it and thinking about life in lockdown. 
Thank you so much for continuing to be imaginative and caring during this weirdness.You are all superstars! …