We are delighted to announce that, in a recently published survey, Dean Close School ranked first in the county for academic progress from GCSE to A Level in 2017. The results on the government website show that Dean Close is the only school in the area to have achieved a score that is ‘well above average’ in terms of pupils’ progress at this key stage of their education

The figures released by the government show how much progress pupils who studied A levels at Dean Close made between the end of their GCSEs and the end of their A level studies, compared to similar pupils across England. The score our pupils achieved places Dean Close in the top 5% of schools in the country.

A score above zero means that pupils made more progress, on average, than students across England who got similar results at the end of Key Stage 4 (Year 11), while a score below zero means students made less progress, on average.

Headmaster, Bradley Salisbury said, “When a parent chooses a school for their child, they hope the school will get the very best from their son or daughter, no matter what their starting place is. Value added scores give some indication of how successful we are in that repaying the trust placed in us. To be honest, a school with our resources should be achieving at this level. The real story behind this statistic is that the Dean Close sixth formers and teachers have worked incredibly hard to achieve some excellent results. When this is set alongside the achievements of the academic high flyers it is great to see confirmation that we are a school of height and breadth.”

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