Commemoration has come and gone, and it was lovely to share this occasion with so many families. It certainly is an occasion when the whole Dean Close Community comes together in more ways than one. Thank you for being part of that Community!

Over the half term break our Gold D of E Expedition group was out in the hills and the Upper 6th Form have no doubt been diligently revising for their all-important exams. With only four weeks in the second half of term, our hope is that everyone will come back motivated to finish the year on a really positive note, as they look forward to their long summer break, which starts on Friday 30 June.

Reminder: Exam Leave Protocol for 5th and Upper 6th Form

Pupils in these year groups are no longer required to be in School except for exams. This applies to both Daypupils and Boarders. For those who have morning exams, registration is at the normal time of 8.15am in Houses, and they then go to Chapel, Congo or House Assemblies as normal, before going to the Exam Hall. For afternoon exams, pupils are required to register at the Front Office on arrival.

When in school during the working day, all pupils should be dressed in their normal uniform. This enables the School to maintain an atmosphere of work for all on site. Boarders may go to lunch at 12.45pm and may wear School Games Kit or School Uniform. Pupils have to wear full school uniform when writing their examinations.

It is worth noting:

Academic – Teachers continue to be available during the taught lesson times to answer any questions which pupils might have.

Team Sport – There is an expectation that team players continue to train and represent the School in the relevant fixtures as published in the Calendar, including Cup Fixtures. But, if pupils have a heavy exam load during any given week, or are experiencing the pressure of exams, they are encouraged to enter into conversation with the Head of Sport, so that the School can be flexible in its approach. Early, clear communication works best for both parties. Players are encouraged to keep an eye on the notice boards.

Carousel Sport – For exam groups, the Games sessions are optional, but scientific evidence suggests that regular exercise is beneficial to academic performance, and as such if pupils are wanting to continue with their sports options during exams then pupils are most welcome to attend.

Co-Curricular – All other Co-Curricular activities are optional during exam leave.

If pupils have any concerns in this regard, please speak to the relevant Heads of Department. Our key aim is to support the pupils at this busy time.

Lower 6th Form Internal Exams and Study Leave

Wednesday 14th June – Saturday 17th June inclusive (Week 7). Pupils are not expected to attend lessons over the course of these four days. These exams take priority over everything else as a School commitment.


Pupils are allowed to attend two Open Days during term time and these need to be signed off by subject teachers and Mr Fullerton. Pupils may attend Open Days during their ‘study leave’ for internal exams, but only on days where they have no exams.

A few pupils (and there are only a few that we are aware of) may have arranged open days before the exam timetables were published, and there may be a clash with exams.If pupils fall into this category then they should have contacted Dr Bradley prior to half term with the details of the clash and copied in Mr Fullerton and Mr Wilkes.

Summer Sports Camps

It gives us pleasure to announce our Summer Sports Camps in Cricket, Tennis and Hockey. Please click on the sport of your choice for further information, or alternatively please visit the website for details about all the different courses on offer in the coming months

The Week Ahead

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