It has been a nervy start to the Second Half of Term for the Lower School as they have been preparing for their end of year exams, and as ever the anticipation is always slightly more nerve wracking than the actual event. When they settle into the rhythm of next week, they will all be fine! Our new prefect body are into the swing of their duties and it seems rather strange not to have our Upper 6th in School.

The sports fixtures continue to provide opportunities for competition as well as respite from the books, and this in itself is so important.


As you may be aware, the Governing Bodies of rugby, hockey and lacrosse, whose International players at school level are required to wear mouthguards, strongly recommend the wearing of custom fitted mouthguards at all levels. The School policy is to adhere to these guidelines and, hence, it is compulsory that all pupils involved in contact sports wear a custom-made mouthguard during practice as well as matches.

We have asked FirstLine Mouthguards, an organisation run by a team of local dentists, to provide a mouthguard service here in School on Thursday 7 September from 9am. The mouthguards are dentally fitted and provided at a reasonable cost. Please see the attached letter, for further information about how to place an order.

Cooking School – Commemoration Donations

The Cooking School staff would like to extend their sincere thanks to everyone who supported the unsurprisingly popular Ice Cream Sundae stand. Donations received on the day totalled £172.92 which will go directly to our Uganda Link Project.

Psychology Department Commemoration Charity Activities & Science Festival

It was encouraging to see how many people visited the Psychology Department academic display this year. Many thanks to all who took part in the quiz and ‘guess the weight of the brain’, providing donations to support our Uganda Link Project.

Congratulations to Mrs D. Foster who secured the highest score for the display quiz, and to Mrs C. Goodwin who gave the closest guess (1325g) for the brain model (actual weight = 1307g). A box of chocolate truffles will be making its way to each winner.

This week, our Lower 6th pupils have been enriching their Psychology knowledge through visits to the Cheltenham Science Festival, with attendance at talks exploring our present topic of Criminology. The talks, including ‘Criminal Mind’ and the question of responsibility, ‘Guide to Forensics’ and ‘Jury Live’ provided an insight into the applications of psychological research and have raised some thought-provoking questions for our pupils to consider.

Gap Year Cooking Skills Course

There is an exciting opportunity for pupils to learn a new skill by engaging with this new Cooking Course to be held during the Summer holidays. Please see below for further details.

Summer Sports Camps

If pupils are wanting to participate in any of our Summer Sports Camps in Cricket, Tennis and Hockey, please click on the sport of your choice for further information. Alternatively please visit the website for details about all the different courses on offer in the coming months.

The Week Ahead

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