In science this term Year Sixare currently studyingthe classification of animals.To help withthe understanding of this topic they recently enjoyed a classification workshoprun byBristolZoo’sEducation Centreand of coursethere was time tovisit some of the zoo’s inhabitants as well!

During the workshop thechildren were asked to think
aboutall thedifferentvarieties of lifeand how they are
grouped.They had to sort a variety of animal photos,
artefacts and other objects into vertebrates and
invertebrates. They then had to furtherclassify the
vertebrates into mammals, fish, birds, amphibians and
reptiles. There was a large amount of debate about
some of the more unusual animals!

After the workshop the children had a chance to visit and handlesome of the animals. For many the highlight washoldinga Madagascan hissing cockroachand stroking a Royal Python. An interesting and enjoyable day was had by all, despite the damp weather!