Year 5 were thrilled when their History lesson meant a trip to Mary Arden’s House for the ‘Tudors Alive’ experience. They spent an entire day dressing-up, baking, cleaning, singing and dancing; just as the Tudors would have done 500 year ago.

Firstly they changed (which took quite while) into clothes that were replicas of those worn by Tudor farm workers and were each given a Tudor name.

Girls – linen shift, woollen kirtle lined in linen, a coloured placard, an apron, a partlet, a coif
Boys – linen smock, breeches tied to a jacket, long socks, garters and a woollen hat

When everyone was finally ready, pupils
had a go at someTudorbaking, cooking
their bread over an openfire and
churning cream into butter tospread
ontotheir freshly cooked rolls.Cleaning
up afterwards is a crucial part of Tudor
housekeeping, largely due to the
high volume of vermin that thrived in that era. There was no such thing as Dettol or Fairy
liquid in Tudor times, the pewter plates were scrubbed using ground egg shells and vinegar and rosemary water was used as a disinfectant to clean the table afterwards.

After all the domestic chores were completed the children painted a linen wall hanging with Tudor Rose decorations and made sweet smelling lavender bags. They then learnt about the importance of wool in Tudor times. Did you know that you were fined if you were found outside without a woollen hat?A rule that cleverly supported the Tudor wool trade!

Year 5 teacher, Olivia Hamilton said, “The children were transported back in time. It was great to see them fully immersed in the period and working on the farm. They asked great questions as they learnt new skills around the site. Personally, I really enjoyed the graceful owl display and the authentic Tudor music, the atmosphere was wonderful.”

This was the first time Dean Close Prep School has visited Mary Arden’s Farm for the ‘Tudors Alive’ experience, hopefully it will become an annual and much anticipated event for Year 5!