Oaksey v Yeaman in the first ever Tug of War heats to celebrate 50 years of Co-Education at Dean Close. Mixed teams of 12 children of varying ages battled it out under the blazing sun. There were shouts of encouragement from fellow pupils and Housemasters as everyone gave their very best, the team spirit was outstanding! Lewis Limbrick showed incredible strength and determination for Yeaman and there were some wonderful displays of teamwork, of special note was Everett Poole, aged 8, who was determined fellow Housemate Addy Burstein, aged 7, should have a turn.

Mr Eric Harris, Housemaster of Oaksey said, “This was the first heat in the first Tug of War competition DCPS has ever held. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, it was wonderful to see everyone encouraging each other and getting involved. Having a go (from the youngest to the eldest) was much more important than winning. A fantastic event – I am looking forward to the other houses having a go.”

Next week Deacon face the Boarders, following which other teams will battle it out on a weekly basis. The grand final will take place on Sports Day.