The hotly contested annual Inter-House Tug of War was back with full force this year as staff and pupils took to a very sunny Chapel Close to pull for their Houses.

Six separate tug of war pitches ran a total of over 60 contests, generating a huge amount of excitement and even more noise! Pupils donned their House tshirts and the field was filled with bright colours (including a little glitter and face paint!). The cheers could be heard from all around the campus, as the whole Senior School of 470 pupils united to support their House teams.

The competition was initiated some years ago by a group of Bruneian pupils, as Tug of War is the national sport of Brunei. It is wonderful to see that the tradition has continued, as it is a fantastic team building exercise as well as a lot of fun.


Fourth Form Girls:    1st Shelburne
Fourth Form Boys:   1st Tower

Remove Girls:    1st Fawley
Remove Boys:   1st Field

Fifth Form Girls:    1st Fawley
Fifth Form Boys:   1st Tower

Lower 6th Girls:  1st Hatherley
Lower 6th Boys: 1st Gate

Upper 6th Girls:  1st Shelburne
Upper 6th Boys: 1st Field