French A level students mixed linguistics with politics at a recent talk given by French political journalist, Tugdual Denis. Held at Cheltenham College, the talk focused mainly on the party ‘Le Front National’ and the remarkable story of the Le Pen family from the party’s formation in 1972, under the controversial leadership of Jean-Marie Le Pen, through to the recent election with his daughter Marine, and how the party might lead forward with Marine’s niece Marion. Students were interested to learn how the party has adapted and evolved so much since its early days, in terms of rhetoric, policy and the differing styles of the leaders themselves; from the rarely-credible and caricatured figure of Jean-Marie, to the talented orator and populist Marine. They were equally fascinated to realise the similarities (and also differences) between politics in France, the UK and in the US. All three countries have recently experienced similar movements: Brexit, Donald Trump, Le Pen and even the possibility of a ‘Frexit’- all happening within a year of each other. Sixth Former Johnny Coniam commented: “We all really enjoyed the evening, not just as a chance to learn more about French politics and journalism, but also as a useful opportunity to improve our French.”