It is funny writing this blog as it is so close to the end of term. One week to go and then school is over for the year and we all have 9 weeks of holiday to look forward to. For the Year 8 pupils it is our last week and although we can’t wait to start at our senior schools, in September, we are really grateful for all the things DCPS has taught us. This week has seen the last matches of the term and sunny weather has meant that at break time a lot of football has been played. A lot of people are really interested in the Football World Cup and were really pleased when England beat Tunisia 2-1.

Year 8 also had a Healthy Living Day with sessions on Zumba, cookery, strength and conditioning, mountain biking. We also met Mr Bradley Salisbury, Headmaster of DCS, who talked about the differences we would see when we moved up to the Senior School. The last event of the week was Sports Day- the weather was amazing and there were more gazebos up than ever before as many of the parents came with picnics for the day. The events went well and there were lots of winners – there was even a podium this year and medals for first place. Before the afternoon events started there was the final of the Tug-of-War between the Boarders and Yeaman, this has been a new fun event that all the houses have participated in. The parents even challenged the staff to a tug-of-war and Mr Moss removed his jacket to take part – the parents won! Next week there is lots of preparation for the Extravaganza and Speech Day- not long until the end of term.