On the first Sunday back from Easter, Dean Close celebrated an incredible ten years of our link with the Nyakatukura Memorial Secondary School, in Ibanda, Uganda. We were delighted to welcome a number of pupils, parents, governors and ODs to an anniversary party featuring al fresco drinks, a three course meal and live musical entertainment, as well as a charity raffle and a series of presentations from those who founded and have sustained the link.

The Dining Hall was festooned in orange, blue and white – Nyakatukura’s colours, and guests enjoyed a musical repertoire which included a range of live jazz numbers and a cappella singing from Close Harmony. Not only was this a wonderful opportunity to celebrate our friendship with NMS and to catch up with tour and sponsorship friends, but the evening raised in excess of £1,000 towards our on-going work in Uganda. Thanks must go to all those who have contributed to this great cause over the past decade; here’s to the next ten years!