Dean Close entered four talented maths pupils into the UK Maths Team Challenge this year and came second. The annual competition tests pupils’ mathematical, communication and teamwork skills, as they compete against teams from other schools and colleges from their region. This year, joint captains Angus Huang and Danni Wu attended the Regional heats at Malvern School, along with their team mates Henry Elsey and Louise Lovatt.

The challenge consists of three rounds. The first round saw the Dean Close team win with full marks, six points ahead of all other teams. After the second round, where the team had ten minutes to spare, our four mathematicians were still in the lead and five points clear of the competition. The final round was particularly challenging – a high speed shuttle round, spilt into four sections. The team scored another two sets of full marks, thus holding on to the top spot. The final round puts enormous pressure on the teams and while many crumbled, Dean Close held their nerve until the very end. RGS Worcester only narrowly snuck ahead with 157 points to our 155 points.

The 2015 challenge marks the fourth consecutive year that a Dean Close team have placed second in the Regionals. The Head of Maths, Pete Garner, was incredibly impressed with the team – and having adjudicated at the challenge himself, he knows full well the high standard of competition – He said: “the team showed nothing but good humour and mutual support. I am most proud of them all”.