Lower 6th Form pupil Hannah has been volunteering at the Cheltenham Covid-19 Vaccination Clinic and offered us an insight into what she witnessed and experienced.

“Recently I have had the opportunity to volunteer and work in the Covid vaccination clinic at the fire station in Cheltenham. It has been a really great experience, seeing the outcome of the incredible work done this year, by research teams to create a vaccine. The efficiency and hard work of the doctors and nurses in the clinic was noticed by the public and everyone receiving their vaccine was extremely grateful. Often this was the first time that some of the older patients were able to leave their homes as they had been shielding, having been vulnerable to a more severe infection if they had caught Covid-19. Some of the patients were overwhelmed with the prospect of seeing other people for the first time in months and others were emotional due to the realisation that the pandemic is really coming to an end, and that soon they will be able to see their families again without any concern for their safety. Seeing first hand the effect the virus has had on some people’s lives makes me realise what a fortunate position I am in to be able to come to school and go home to my family when many others have been so isolated.” Hannah, Lower 6th