Excited Year Two Pupils arrived at school dressed as Victorian children, ready to experience what school life might have been like for pupils 100 years ago.

The children began the day in their Victorian class by singing the National Anthem and reciting the Lord’s Prayer.  They then started their lessons sitting in rows and learning how to write in Victorian script, practising on chalk boards, learning arithmetic, reciting times tables – working in silence of course!  Later, they had a tour of the original Senior School buildings by the school’s archivist Mr Whitney.  Pupils learnt that the School originally opened in 1886 and saw the cornerstone which was laid in 1884.

Looking at old photographs, they also discovered what a day at school might have been like for pupils in the late 1800s, for example in Victorian times the prefects had sticks to keep the pupils in line!

The children then saw the original buildings and learnt some amazing facts – for example, that the boarders all had their own cubicle which was very unusual in those days. They also discovered that the old oak tree outside the Chapel was planted when the School was built – so it is now 132 years old!

Later in the afternoon pupils returned to class and were visited by a School Inspector (Headmistress, Mrs Shelley) who tested the pupils on their work and fortunately did not need to use the ‘Dunce’ hat!   The pupils then went outside to the playground for a Victorian ‘Physical Training’ lesson, where they performed  formal physical education exercises and then played with hoops.