Hordes of Vikingsinvaded the Prep Schoolwhen pupils came dressed as the Nordic warriors ready to enjoy a day experiencing some of the skills a good Viking would have needed, over a 1000 years ago.
Pupils took it in turns to try a number of ancient Viking skills from learning to weave fabric on a warp-weighted loom that made up the flag on the masthead of a Viking long boat, to actually building an impressive Viking long boat, 6 metres long, which was quarter of the size of a real long boat.

Pupil, Freddie Martin related some impressive facts, “The Vikings built their boats mainly of oak, they used pine for the mast and the oars were made of ash. I also learnt thatthey used Lime Wood, otherwise known as
Linden,for their shields.”

Other activities included designing the
dragon on the bow, making shields and
learning about some of the weapons. Mr
West,Year 5 teacher, commented, “The
children had a wonderful day and learned
some interesting facts about what it must
have been like to be a Viking. They worked hard and developed their team building skills
to build a magnificent long boat which they would have loved to have sailed, given the