The Year Two children had an amazing day out at West Midland Safari Park as part of their fantastic topic, ‘On Safari!’ The day started with a wonderful ‘drive through’ journey around the park where they were lucky enough to see giraffes, rhinos, elephants, tigers, lions and cheetahs, to name just a few of the park’s residents. They also explored otherareas of the parkincludingthe ‘Twilight Zone’ where bats were inhiding and a ‘Creepy Crawly’ area which was home to large stick insects and leaf cutter ants.

In the ‘African Village’,the childrendiscoveredlemurs and meerkatsand in
the tropically warm reptile house snakes and crocodiles were lurking in their
heated tanks!

Finally, everyone gathered together to watch a sea lion showwhere even the sea lions applauded each other! It was a greatday out and the children
returned to school having learntlotsofnew information for their topic!.