Recently, Nurserypupilsarrived atschool accompanied by their favourite teddy bears to celebrate the popular book ‘Going on a bear hunt’ by Michael Rosen.

The morning started with music and movement to their favourite bear songs followed by an exciting, wet and muddy visit to Forest School to hunt for the very special school bear! Whilst the children hunted high and low they acted pages from the book, wading through the grass, splashing through a river and squelching through the mud in search of their bear. Finally they found him hiding in the trees and happily brought him back to school where he joined the children and all their teddiesfor a delicious picnic.

Dr Carolyn Shelley
explained,‘Going on a Bear
Hunt’ is one of Nursery’s
favouritebooks and they have
beenspending time reading the story, learning about bears and creating parts of the story through
role playand creative activities. It is such a lovely story for our little Squirrels; it helps them use their
imagination, join in with the story, create new adventures and is also a story children and parents can
enjoy over and over again, helping children to build their confidence as they begin their reading
journey. We all had a wonderful day despite the challenging weather!”