As it is the last few days of term everyone is full of excitement and you can see the delight on every pupils’ face. Through this challenging academic year, we, as Year 8s have gone through multiple examinations and tough revision as well as more recently enjoyinga trip to Devon and the Leavers’ dinner. The year 7s have been preparing for their big exams next June, the year 6s have made a great improvement in sport, especially as the girls have started cricket, they have also started the course work for Common Entrance. The year 5s have thoroughly enjoyed their lessons with experiments, demonstrations and a visit to Worcester Commandery. The year 4s have had an excellent academic year as they have learnt new topics and made models in history. The year 3s have had an amazing year studying fascinating subjects such as, the Ancient Egyptians and Rainforests, which have included atrip to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford and a visit from a Rainforest expert.

We have both thoroughly enjoyed writing our regular blogs and keeping everyone up-to-date with all the exciting events that take place here at DCPS.

On behalf of us both we would like to thank you all for your hard work and support this year, we hope that you all have a great summer.

Toby and Leah.