We have had a very busy start to the new academic year and it really good to have the pupils back in School and demonstrating an abundance of enthusiasm in all areas of School life. The sports fields and pitches have once again been brought to life with lots of energetic young men and women throwing themselves into the programme.

Friday morning’s Congregational Hymn Practice showed that everyone was in good voice, boosted by the newly formed choir, whose auditions took place this week, alongside the auditions forFiddler on the Roof, which will be performed later this term. Last night also saw the staging of The Taming of the Shrew in the Bacon Theatre, fresh from an extremely successful run at the Edinburgh Fringe. The Dean Close Boarding Community were in attendance and it proved to be tremendously entertaining and indeed thought provoking.


The first weekend back always holds a great deal of anticipation as the Boarding Houses launch their beginning of year entertainment and there are some fantastic plans in the offing. Bonfires and outdoor camping, pool parties, baking competitions and the like.

Monday sees the traditional House Tug-of-War Competition take place on Humpty Dumpy, and we trust that all the pupils will be geared up for this, the first House Competition of the new Year.


The Sunday hikes in the calendar are primarily aimed at Removes this term. They only need to choose ONE of these Sunday training hikes, if they are wanting to do Bronze D of E. 4thForm will be able to start certain aspects of the Bronze D of E Award this year. They will hear more about this during their Wednesday Personal Development sessions. For this weekend’s hike, please meet at 9.30am at the CCF hut. Pick up is at 4.00pm. If you have any queries do please email Miss Hatchell oncehatchell@deanclose.org.uk.


The School’s Policy on attendance at University Open Days allows each pupil the opportunity to attend two Open Days during Academic time. These requests need to go through our Head of Careers, Mr David Fullerton (dmfullerton@deanclose.org.uk). Pupils need to complete an application form and return it to Mr Fullerton so that he is aware of which University and Subject courses are being considered, in order that he can offer advice.


There is a fantastic opportunity for all Classicists to sign up for the Trip to Greece, which is due to take place during the Easter Holidays at the end of the Lent Term in 2017. The travel company have managed to secure flights with British Airways at a very reasonable price and have these on hold until Wednesday 21 September, so if there are any pupils who would like to sign up, please do readthis letterand respond punctually to this superb opportunity to learn more about the Ancient World.


One of our aims within the School this year, is to get our pupils reading for pleasure. We are focusing particularly on the younger girls and boys, in the hope that reading will become part of their everyday lives. In the boarding houses, we have made sure that every pupil has something to read, which might be a classic novel, but for the reluctant reader it may be something less challenging.

It is important to find the right time of day for this – some houses feel that last thing just before bedtime works well, some before evening roll call, or maybe after dinner. We would very much appreciate it if day parents, were able to do the same and encourage your children to join with us in this initiative. The importance of reading is well documented; it reduces screen time, offers up topics for discussion, calms us down, educates us, and provides relaxation and quiet. Do please contact the School if you would like support in this particular area.


As we embark on the new rugby season, we would like to take the opportunity to remind you of the protocol if your son is unlucky enough to be concussed during a rugby match. This is something that we are all very sensitive about in order to ensure best practice. Please follow the link to theRFU websiteso that you can familiarise yourself with the suggested protocol and perhaps take the online parent course in support of your son. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Sport, Mr Greg Baber-Williams ongnbaber-williams@deanclose.org.uk.