The two big productions of the term could not have been more contrasting: in October, a sumptuous House Play (Brook Court, Hatherley and Gate combined) version of High Society, by Cole Porter, made immortal by Crosby, Sinatra and the incomparable Grace Kelly. With musical-theatre veterans Laurence Kilsby and Amy Porter in the leads, this was always going to be a sparkling show, and Geraint Downing, Dom McClaran and Olivia Preece provided strong supporting roles. The Main School Play in December was Inherit the Wind, one of the most performed American plays, and based closely around the famous Monkey Scopes Trial in 1925 when a young biology teacher was arrested for daring to teach that Creationism is without foundation. Max Thomas led as the real-life enlightened and famous lawyer Clarence Darrow (Henry Drummond in the play), while Guy Amos played the self-righteous bigot Matthew Harrison Brady, who gets his come-uppance and is exposed in a superb courtroom climax. To see these young emerging talents was a special pleasure. They were supported by stage stalwarts Beth Leishman, Oliver Evans, Dom McClaran and Rory Kavanagh.

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