As part of this term’s topic ‘People who help us’ nursery pupils enjoyed a detective fun day.The children arrived at School only to discover that their bear ‘Winnie’ was lost and so started a detective trail to find him.

Following cluessuch asfootprints, an empty honeypot and a trail of ‘bees’ leading back to their hive, the children used magnifying glasses and binoculars to solve the clues and follow the trail across the fields, where they eventually discovered the lost bear in the Forest School, trying to refill his honeypot! Pupils then celebrated finding Winnie by having a picnic lunch back in the classroom.

Headmistress, Dr Carolyn Shelley, said ‘This is an exciting way for our youngest pupils to use their
problem-solving skills and develop critical thinking. All the children had a wonderful day and Winnie is
happily back in the classroom!’

Later on pupils also received a visit from a policewoman and a police car, they were particularly excited to
see the flashing light and siren!