This year’s Wilson Challenge, the School’s Classics competition, focused on the rich legacy of the Ancient Greek world. Contestants were asked to consider the achievements of a historical figure like Socrates or Pericles and analyse his importance to the development of the modern  world. Presentations were made on figures as diverse as Pythagoras, Diogenes the Cynic, Aristotle and Alexander the Great. All of the students, both at junior and senior level, spoke eloquently about the  individuals that they had researched and demonstrated a mastery of their material. 

Special mention should be made of Emily Forge’s presentation on the 2nd Century AD author, Lucian, whose weird and wonderful satirical novel, A True Story, is regarded by some as the very first work  of Science Fiction. Pollyanna Harris and Lydia Ward impressed in equal measure with presentations on Aristophanes, the comic genius of 5th Century Athens, and the sculptor Polykleitos whose pioneering contrapposto stance changed the way in which the human body was rendered forever.


Senior Competition: 1st Pollyanna Harris, 2nd Lydia Ward, 3rd = Valentin Brantl and Alice Deasy

Junior Competition: 1st Emily Forge 2nd Jack Logan 3rd Oscar Jack