At this year’s Cheltenham Literature Festival, Pre-Prep sponsored Bake me a Festive Story and Merry Christmas Hugless Douglas. Pupils could win tickets to either of these events by entering the Headmistress’, Dr Carolyn Shelley’s, Challenge of the Week. The older children could bake cupcakes and decorate them around the theme of their favourite story and the younger children could colour in a wonderful picture of Hugless Douglas.

The winning cupcake designs were fabulous
Rapunzel cupcakes complete with tower and
Mr Men cupcakes. Both children were invited,
with their parents or grandparents, to the
sound check and to meet Nadiya before the
Bake me a Festive Story event began. Nadiya,
chatted to the children about their cupcake
designs and signed copies of her new book for
them. It was a very exciting day.