Earlier this term, three of our Lower Sixth pupils travelled to Cambridge to participate in Robinson College’s Women in Science Festival, an overnight event which offered the chance to sample academic sessions, experience real university life, and be inspired by current Cambridge students and the leading female academics who teach them. Eliza (Hatherley House) gave us a great summary of the experience:

“When I arrived at Cambridge we were first given a tour of the college, then after dinner took part in a team quiz challenge. Our team, which included the three of us from Dean Close, won – a great start to the event. The movie ‘Hidden figures’ followed, a very interesting and empowering movie. The next morning we started with lectures from a chemistry professor on her research project, The Duer Group 2017, which investigated the molecular structure of structural tissues, and the changes that occur in vascular tissue due to factors such as age. I found this fascinating as I enjoy chemistry, and like to expand my knowledge. Next, we had more lectures on light and then the use of science in race courses. Next were presentations from students at Cambridge, who gave us an idea of what would be accessible at the school, including one about a trip to Antarctica researching and team-building. To finish, we had practical sessions where we learnt how to write SPARQL queries and also design helmets to stop eggs from breaking when dropped from a flight of stairs. The event allowed me to look at other career journeys and improve my knowledge of science to experience what I can study in the future.”