This year the theme for World Book Day was poetry and rhyming stories and Pre-Prep spent the whole day having a ‘wonderful time with rhyme’!

Children brought in their favourite poem, or rhyming stories and everyone had great fun spotting the rhymes and practising new rhymes as we read them together.  The children then put their skills to the test and created some poems – including amazing Mothers’ Day poems in Year 1 and 2, Space poems in Reception and a rhyme based on ‘The Train Ride’ in Kindergarten.  The children were very proud of all the results and they are now displayed in our ‘World Book Day Big Book of Poems’ at Pre-Prep. Please come and look in our book!

In addition to putting their poetry skills to the test, the children took part in lots of other exciting rhyming activities, including a rhyming quiz armed with clipboards, completing rhyming jigsaws, scavenger hunts and using the interactive whiteboard to match rhymes.  We even had the chance to make amazing bookmarks and find rhymes in French as well!

Towards the end of the day, the children enjoyed settling down with a good book (rhyming of course) and reading and sharing with a buddy from another year group. What a busy day!