Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, a Viking and Mary Poppins were just a few of the colourful characters Pre-Prep pupils came dressed as to enjoy World Book Day. The theme this year was ‘Adventures’ and the children had a fabulous day; they paraded their costumes to the cheers and applause of the older children at the Prep School, took it in turns to read with a buddy from another year group, and enjoyed the reading adventures in the hall, including a quiz, an obstacle course, reading in the dark den with torches and reading puzzles.

“The costumes were wonderful and looked so colourful” said Carolyn Shelley, Headmistress. “World Book Day is an important initiative for all the children and one of my favourite days of the year! It enables us to spend a whole day looking at books, characters and taking part in vibrant activities to stimulate the imagination – showing the children that reading is fun, relevant and exciting! I can’t wait for next year!”