This week Year 5 visited ‘SkillZONE’, an interactive life skills village in Gloucester. SkillZONE helped our pupils to recognise dangers and dilemmas in everyday situations. It empowered them to make good choices about their own safety. Our pupils really enjoyed the trip and learnt a great deal. Here is what they had to say…

“Did you know that when crossing the road, even if there is a green man, you must check there are no cars coming!” Georgia.

“I learnt that you shouldn’t leave raw chicken out on the worktop because it can have harmful bacteria” Evie.

“You can be arrested at the age of 10!” Matilda.

“Today I learned that if you think there is a fire in a room, DO NOT open the door! This is because fire breathes oxygen and the fire may grow” Natasha.

“Do not put metal cutlery in the toaster!” Oliver.

“SkillZONE is a fantastic place to learn how to protect yourself from different dangers. I learnt that protecting yourself is your own responsibility” Alessa. By Mr West, Year 5 Teacher