The Year Two children experienced a very different day at school on Wednesday 8th October when they had a Victorian School Day. The Year Two pupils are studying Victorians as their topic this term – and what better way than to experience it first-hand (but without the canes!)

The children came to school dressed up beautifully and had a surprise when they sat in rows and worked in silence. The chanted their tables, practised copperplate handwriting and realised how strict the teachers were! As part of the day they took part in PE drills outside in the playground and were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit Dean Close School and have a tour learning about how the school was founded during Victorian times and how the school has changed since then. They even had a visit from a school inspector!

The children have gained an enormous amount from experiencing a day as it would be in Victorian times – and it has inspired the children to discover more about our history and learn how much has changed. All the children had a wonderful time – a special thank you to the parents who supported the day wonderfully with the Victorian outfits for the children.