Year 3 just about made it to the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford before Gloucestershire was covered in a blanket of snow.

On arrival they received a warm welcome from their guide, Darlya, whose exciting and informative tour bought the Egyptian gallery to life. The children explored a fabulous selection ofartefacts and sculptures during the morning, each one giving an insight to the lives of people living in Egypt around5,000 years ago. Darlya encouraged the children to think likean archaeologist, asking curious questions and using their senses to really discover as much as they could about each item. Year 3 pupil, Evie Williams said, “I liked guessing what our object was and learning how to be a great archaeologist. You needed to ask lots of questions and wonder what might be missing.”

The children came to appreciate that often what isn’t found can be just as important as what is. Information is then pieced together, just like a jigsaw, to give a fuller picture of the past.