Last week our Year 7 pupils climbed Snowdon– the highest mountain in England and Wales! Everyone left school full of excitement last Wednesday and luckily the weather held for the big climb the following day. To climb Snowdon they split into two groups – half going up the Pyg Track and the other half the Miners track – the plan was to walk up one way and down the other. Everyone made it safely to the top to enjoy a spectacular view and a well-earned hot chocolate. “The views were incredible and it was a real treat to see mountain goats on the way back down (less of a treat to smell them!),” said Rachel Beecham, Geography Teacher.

On Thursday afternoon and Friday morning groups either visited Betwys –y –coed or Electric Mountain in Llanberis. The children saw the inside of the mountain and learnt about how old slate working is used to provide local employment, as well as a sustainable source of electricity for the whole country. Steve Cahill, explained “No one left without a real sense of what the National Park is all about – recreation, the need for local employment and the beautiful scenery that is being protected.”

It was a fantastic few days away, both a great education and wonderful team building exercise, with some firm friendships made.