With all of the event cancellations that Covid19 has brought to the end of our school year this year, it seemed fitting to safely mark our Year 8s leaving the Prep School to move up to the Senior School, or further afield, in September.

We decided to celebrate their time at DCPS with a socially distanced external BBQ at the end of lessons on Friday. All of the children stayed within their Pod groups throughout the BBQ, and games were played, awards were announced – and we even had an ice-cream truck come to school for our pupils to enjoy a sweet treat!

The event didn’t have the same feel as the formal dinner that we normally host, but our pupils enjoyed having that final opportunity to say goodbye to their friends before summer commenced.


This year we even introduced an ‘End of School Yearbook’, made entirely by the year 8s during home learning, which was printed and presented to everyone to take home as a souvenir to cherish for years to come.


Good luck to all of our Year 8s on your next adventure!