Year One pupils and staff had a wonderful ‘WOW’ day at Warwick Castle as part of their topic on castles.  We explored the Kingmaker exhibition and saw the sights, sounds and smells of a working castle hundreds of years ago.  The brave ones amongst us took a trip down to the dungeon, where some prisoners would have been kept for many years.  We had the opportunity to see a trebuchet and to look at other weapons that would have been used to attack and defend the castle: archers would have trained from young children to give them the strength and skill to use a longbow.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a bird of prey display, where we saw sea eagles, an Andean condor and a lammergeyer with a wingspan of nearly three metres!  Before returning home Miss Scull took a band of bold volunteers along the battlements and around the spiral staircase to the top of the main tower, whilst Mr Collier, a bit less brave, took a group to the courtyard.

The trip gave everyone the opportunity to experience history around them and to bring their activities in the classroom to life.