Year Two had a very interesting morning at Dean Close Senior School where Charles Whitney showed us around and taught us about the history of Dean Close School. We saw old photographs and some children tried on the boaters and mortar boards that the boys would have worn.

We learnt that in the olden days the prefects had sticks to keep the pupils in line; this was greeted enthusiastically by many of the children wanting to be prefects! We found out that the children who were boarders were in fact very lucky to have their own cubicle and not have to sleep in a large dormitory. We then went into the dining room and saw portraits of all the past headmasters of Dean Close.

When we visited the chapel, we saw the brick arches inside, which are very unusual and also learnt that the pews are arranged in the same way as most of the Oxford and Cambridge colleges, where they face each other instead of the front. Outside the chapel we looked at the lovely old oak tree where pupils all gather for drinks when they leave the school; the tree was planted when the school was built.

Finally, in the library, where the boys used to go for detention, we heard the story of the boys who were playing cricket a long time ago and hit the ball through the top window to stop the detention! It was a very interesting trip!