Year Two had a very exciting science trip to explore habitats at Sandfield Farm. The children learnt about a range of habitats that animals might live in, and then explored some in greater detail.

They went pond dipping and found a variety of animal life forms swimming around. Later the children found a selection of mini beasts in amongst the plants and by hunting under logs etc. They were able to use bug pots and magnifying glasses to aid their discoveries. In exploring some of the fields they saw some badger setts and larger animals in fields such as bulls! In one of the woods the children split up into small groups and then had to build a home for a dinosaur! One group created a three storey hotel and another designed a theme park!

In the afternoon there was the chance to experience free choice explorations within the woods which included cooking at the mud cafe and playing the drums.

Thank you to Emma for being such a good guide for the day.