On Thursday, 30th January, all of Year Two visited the Gloucestershire Airport terminal as part of their topic, ‘Flight’. The children were delighted to check in with their passports and receive boarding passes to one of three destinations including New York, Sydney and Paris!  After loading Chloe’s luggage onto the conveyor belt, all of the children passed through the security control gate and, to Mr Cowling’s horror, every single child set off the alarm which the children thought was great! After learning more about the airport, everyone walked across the apron, watching taxiing planes, to meet the airport fire fighters. Every child was able to climb into the giant fire engines and try out helmets and sit at the steering wheel in the centre of the windscreen. Before returning back to ‘Cheltenham,’ they were able to explore a hanger, looking at the types of planes and helicopters and learning more amazing information. A great time was had by all!