Year Two recently travelled to Evesham to visit Sandfield Farm for a science focused day of animal-habit field study. After a great introduction to the day in the new farm classroom, pupils ventured out into the refreshing rain to see calves in their farm sheds, tiny skylarks hovering and singing (which they only do over healthy farms), wild flower gardens, the ‘badger corridor’ ditch and the famous
Sandfield pond.

On arrival at the pond
the children
enthusiastically dug
their fish-nets into the
pond in search of
anything living or
wriggly. Many
discoveries were excitedly made including; dragonfly nymphs, tadpoles, water beetles andwater
spiders, to name a few! The adventures spilt over into the afternoon as the children
ventured into the Forest School woodland, wherethey made mud meals in the mud kitchen, climbed
into tree houses, bashed a variety of woodland drums and balanced on long planks.

At the end of the day the children witnessed a beautiful buzzard sitting in Mrs Holyfield’s cow-shed.
When asked what they thought of the visit, the children said, “AWESOME, AMAZING, FANTASTIC
and BRILLIANT!” What a wonderful day!