To helpYear Two’stopic on Cheltenham off to an exciting start, they enjoyed a very interesting backstage visit to The Everyman Theatre. On arrival, they were shown into the auditorium and discovered how the theatre has changed since it was built in Victorian times. The children learnt how lucky they are that they can now sit on comfortable plush seats instead of benches,unfortunately as a result, only half the amount of people can attend a performance! They were also interested to learn about the ‘sun candle’, this was a candle that was lit during the interval to help remove some of the odours, now there is a lovely
chandelier instead!

Later on the children were very excited to visit the costume wardrobe where many of the
costumes are made and stored, including a number of pantomime outfits; they even had a
chance to try some of them on! Finally, they were shown under the stage where the
orchestra play, behind the stage where people do quick costume changes
and they were lucky enough to go onto the stage itself – where the childrenperformed a
lively song forthe theatre staff! A lovely start to our topic on Cheltenham!